The Youth Unity Pledge

Politics has become too divisive; people are unwilling to talk to each other simply because of opposing views. The Young Americans Coalition for Unity believes that it is important to be open-minded in politics and willing to work across the aisle. The Youth Unity Pledge both engages students in civil political discussion and also promotes unity and bipartisanship among politicians.

As a member of the Young Americans Coalition for Unity as well as a citizen of the greater world, I am committed to furthering the ideal of bipartisanship by pledging to:

  1. Educate myself on how to facilitate bipartisan discussion with myself and others by reading the Guide to Bipartisan Political Discussion.
  2. Demonstrate bipartisanship by participating in discussion with three other members of my community.
  3. Share the Youth Unity Pledge with three friends or family members, to promote bipartisanship and make it a reality across this country.

Thank you for your commitment to increasing unity in our divided nation.

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