The Youth Unity Pledge for Politicians

If you are a politician, you can sign the Youth Unity Pledge for Politicians to assure your constituents that you are committed to being a bipartisan leader. Our organization believes that there is a demand from our generation to hold our elected officials accountable in overcoming hyperpartisanship and helping our country move forward.

As an elected official I recognize that working across the aisle is essential to pass needed legislation. By signing this document, I pledge to

  1. Co-sponsor at least one bill with a member of the opposing party/caucus in the next legislative session.
  2. Seek out bipartisan conversations when interacting online and conversing with fellow legislators.
  3. Educate and encourage constituents of having bipartisan political conversations.

Thank you for your commitment to increasing unity in our divided nation.

By signing, you agree to the Young Americans Coalition for Unity's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.